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Gian Timothy
Drums and Percussion
Gian Timothy

B. Mus Performance

Tim has been playing the drums for seven years learning with some of Sydney’s greatest musicians (Darren Heinrich, Dave Plenty, Tim Firth, Chris Fields - just to name a few), Tim has graduated from his study at Australian Institute of Music with a Bachelor Degree in Contemporary Music Performance in mid 2019. Tim has been performing and working with different type of bands playing contemporary music from funk, soul and RnB to rock, jazz and world music.

Though his schedule is currently divided between doing gigs around Sydney and university, Tim enthusiastically wants to dedicate some of his time and passion to help students in education world. He hopes that these students become the face of the rising music industry.

Spotify : Gian Timothy Gho


Learning Music Is For Everyone

Music is a language that anyone can speak. -Gian Timothy Gho-