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5 Benefits of Learning Music for Your Brain

Not only is learning music rewarding and loads of fun, but it can also provide many great benefits for your brain. At Archadenia Music Academy, we offer a range of music lessons including piano lessons, singing lessons, drum lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, saxophone lessons, trumpet lessons, violin lessons and viola lessons. We get to experience first hand the benefits of music every day. Here are 5 benefits that learning music can provide for your brain.

1. Learning Music Strengthens Memory, Math and Reading Skills

The part of your brain that you exercise when learning music is the same part that you use for other skills, like memory and reading. These activities have similar neural and cognitive processes. Exercising your brain by learning music is a great way to improve your brain’s abilities in memory and reading as well.

Learning music can also boost your brain’s math skills. Music is actually full of math, whether it be counting beats or recognising patterns. Practicing these musical skills will also make your brain better at solving math problems.

2. Learning to Play an Instrument Makes You Happy

We have all heard just how fun and enjoyable it is learning music. Learning to play an instrument makes you happy, helping to boost your mental wellness and concentration levels at the same time. A happy brain is a healthy brain! Learning music with Archadenia Music Academy will help you to increase your brain health and wellbeing.

3. It Increases Blood Flow In Your Brain

Although it may sound strange, learning music can in fact increase blood flow in your brain! Some studies have shown that learning music increases the blood flow to your left hemisphere. Learning music truly is a health boost for your brain. Give your brain a health boost and start learning music with Archadenia Music Academy.

4. Learning Music Improves Your Multitasking Ability

It is a well-known fact that musicians can process many different things at once. This is something that you pick up when learning to play an instrument. In order to play an instrument, musicians need to process multiple senses all at the same time. Learning an instrument will help to boost your brain’s multitasking ability.

5. It Creates New Neural Connections

Did you know that studies have shown that learning music can enhance your brain functions? This is because learning music works to stimulate the brain, which helps to improve the brain structure and even aid in the formation of new neural connections! 

Learn Music With Archadenia Music Academy

Learning music provides so many great benefits to your brain. If you would like to start learning music there is no better place than at Archadenia Music Academy. Click here to find out how you can get in touch with us today.

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