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Chatswood Street Fair with Archadenia Music Academy
Requirements to sign up :

> You are a current Archadenia Music Academy's student.
> Participants are able to come to the 2 rehearsals leading up to the performance.
> The rehearsals will be announced a couple of months before the performance. If you are unable to attend the rehearsals but still want to perform, please contact us.
> We will rehearse 3 songs collectively. The repertoire will be announced a month before the rehearsal. Some students will be singing, playing music and playing some percussion instruments.
> This program is free and open to all levels and it is a great opportunity for students to get to know your fellow musicians.
Holiday Program
July School Holiday Program

We have 3 categories happening across 3 days for students to learn and have musical activities during their holiday.

Tue 16th July | 5-8 years | 10-2pm
Wed 17th July | 9-12 years | 10-2pm
Thu 18th July | 13-18 years | 10-2pm

The cost is $99 for 4 hours of music and as a current student you will receive $30 off if you sign up before 16th June 2024

HURRY! We have limited spots available!