Archadenia Music Academy | Chatswood Music Lessons

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment : Term tuition fees are paid per term upfront (typically a 9-11 week term), paid for upfront via bank transfer or credit card/debit card (please note there is 1.8% surcharge for payment with visa or mastercard) to Archadenia Creative Pty Ltd (trading as Archadenia Music Academy) before the beginning of each term up until the due date mentioned on the invoice. Any late payments will incur a service charge of 10% every week.
  • Cancelation and Make-up Lesson : 48-hour minimum notice is the standard expected from the students if they wish to cancel their regular weekly lesson. Students are entitled to 1 (one) make-up lesson for each term if they cancel within 48-hour minimum notice regardless the reason. The lessons will not be credited for any cancellations made more than one lesson for each term. You may be able to organise zoom lessons/video lessons if you physically unable to come to your lessons. For any group lessons and ensembles : Students are entitled to 1 (one) credit lesson for each term that will be used for the following term if they cancel within 48-hour minimum notice regardless the reason.
  • Public Holiday : Our lessons run as per normal during New South Wales public holidays. You may re-arrange your lesson if you are going to be away during the public holiday. If 48-hour minimum notice did not mention, you will not be entitled to any make-up lessons.
  • Termination : The lessons will continue to run for the following term unless a four (4) weeks (30 days) notice has been given. An additional charge/invoice will be sent if you notify the teacher/the academy less than the time given. There is no refund when the students wish to cancel the lessons once the term has already started.
  • Home-Tuition Lessons : We ask for your understanding if the teacher arrives a little earlier or a little later than the scheduled time. If you could allow up to 15 minutes before or after scheduled lesson time for the teacher to arrive as varying traffic conditions and environmental circumstances can make it difficult to run to exact schedule timing.
  • Studio Lessons : When you have lessons at the Archadenia's studio please aim to start the lesson at the scheduled time. We expect students to arrive a few minutes earlier.
  • Photo and Video Consent : Students who enrolled at Archadenia Music Academy give permission for Archadenia to use photographs and video for any promotional purposes without any compensation fee or royalty.
  • COVID-19 and Health Protocol : Archadenia Music Academy continues to follow the health protocol from NSW Government in response to Covid-19 situation. We do our regular sanitisation and cleaning at our studio. Our teachers have the right to send students home if they come to lesson sick or feeling unwell.