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What is the best time for my children to start their journey in music?

The sooner the better! We highly recommend that they start their music learning as soon as they show some interest in music. There is no minimum age for them to start, however, it is best to enrol them once they have the ability to recognize the letters and to count.

We are open to adult students too! No matter how old you are, it is not too late to start as long as you have the passion and time to invest in practising and doing weekly lessons.

How long should my children do their lessons?

We recommend for beginner (Preliminary - Grade 2) no longer than 30 mins, for Intermediate (grade 3-4) for 45 mins, Advanced (grade 5+ and jazz harmony) 60 mins so students can get the most out of their lesson whilst still feeling refreshed and encouraged to play afterwards.

Do you offer a free trial lesson?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer free trial lessons, however we do offer trial lessons for evaluation purposes. You will be only charged for that lesson prior to committing to the whole term.

Which teacher will I be getting?

We have all our teachers' bio and portfolio here:

However, if you’re not sure who suits best for your kids, worry not! Just fill in a new student form ( and you will be paired with the best teacher suited for you or your child’s age group and music level.

Do I need an instrument?

We do encourage students to have their own instrument to maximize practice time during the week, however, initially if you don’t have an instrument of your own, you can book in for lessons in our own incredible studio and have lessons with one of our friendly teachers there! Our studio is filled with a variety of different rooms that hold the state of the pianos, including a baby grand piano. We also allow students to use the drum kit available, as well as guitars in the studio. 

If you decide to continue doing the lessons, it is best to have your own instrument at home so you can practice during the week and come prepared for the lesson. Moreover, your musical development is not depending only on the weekly lessons, but also the amount of time you invest during the week to practice all the materials that you've learned during the lesson. You can find your instruments in any music store, even on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace.

How do I choose the right instrument for my kids?

You are very welcome to ask for your teacher's recommendation. Our teacher will tell you what size or type of instrument that suits your kids best. Also, there are some stores that allow you to test the instrument before you buy them, hence we recommend you to try out the instrument beforehand.

How often do I need to practice?

Consistency and quality of practice are the most important. It is best to spend 30 minutes - 1 hour everyday, than to spend 2 hours once a week. Parent participation and support at home is key to a good quality of practice sessions.

What’s your cancellation policy?

It is best to not cancel the lessons as we don't offer refunds. Any missed lessons will be made-up at another mutually-convenient time or credited if you notify the teacher 48 hours prior to the lesson.