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Guitar Lessons Chatswood & North Shore

Our guitar lesson program introduces and offers its students the fundamentals of the elements of music in rhythm, harmony and melody. Students are also introduced to the parts of an electric and/or acoustic guitar and the correct technique.

The students who undertake our guitar tuition program are taught to confidently play with a strong foundation in all elements of music, presenting chords in a variety of hand shapes, as well as, soloing through chord progressions, through a range of different tempos and genres.


Learn The Basic Of Playing Guitar

At Archadenia, we provide performance opportunities for students who are undertaking the guitar tuition program in both solo and ensemble settings.

Our guitar curriculum equips students with technical knowledge that allows them to demonstrate proficiency in their performance, in addition to a high understanding in music theory to further enhance their musical practice.

Guitar Lessons For Beginner To Intermediate

We encourage our guitarists to undertake ensemble and group lessons to further aid their performance progress and increase their experience in accompanying other instruments in a performative setting. Furthermore, students are guided towards learning the style of music that would be best suited to their musical interests, styles and level of technical proficiency.

For examination purposes, we will follow the guidelines of the AMEB syllabus as well as Rockschool to master our students in succeeding their exams.