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We believe that it is important to express music in a performance setting in front of friends, relatives and community. Encouraging students to perform for our local community such as the nursing homes, hospitals, as well as in markets are important to gain and boost their confidence from an early age.

We also encourage our beginner students to perform at our mini concerts that happen every 3 months to boost their confidence and craft in performing.

Our annual concert is also held every year to showcase our students as well as for students to be able to see other people performing and getting inspired by their performance pieces. At our annual concert, we give awards for students who have been doing their diligent homework, practice and have been improving well throughout the year.

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Learning Music Is Fun!

Music is a language that expresses creativities. Archadenia Music Academy has a vision to make music as a tool to express students' needs towards their own creativities.

We want students to learn music because they love it. Learning music has to be fun and enjoyable, because music itself is fun and enjoyable.