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Studio Lessons Now Servicing in Baulkham Hills and Chatswood, Home Tuition Lessons in Sydney and Melbourne


Piano Lessons Sydney & Melbourne

Learning piano is fundamental to learning melody, harmony as well as rhythm. We usually encourage students who would like to start an instrument at such a young age to start with learning piano. Piano is a visual instrument. Students can easily see the keys and it will be easier to introduce them to music. Our music academy is located at .Chatswood but we offer home tuition lessons around the North Shore area of NSW. In 2024, we are opening our music academy in the Hills area of NSW as well as Melbourne CBD.


Piano Lessons For Kids & Adults

We offer piano classes starting from students who do not have any experience at all in music (absolute beginners) up until students who are doing advanced grades to prepare for the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB). We introduce a variety of genres such as Classical, Contemporary, Pop and Jazz.

When you learn piano with us, we do not only teach how to play the piano however, we teach the basic theory, scales, aural, sight-reading as well as improvisation skills for all advanced learners. We will encourage students to give as much information as possible for us to be able to find the right teacher according to their needs.

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Learning Music Is For Everyone

We offer private piano lessons as well as lessons in a form of ensemble/group for students who are interested in learning a certain style of music or repertoire with some group of friends/colleagues to be performed in our local community of Chatswood as well as other surrounding suburbs.

We want students to learn music because they love it. Learning music has to be fun and enjoyable, because music itself is fun and enjoyable.