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How Music Can Make You Smarter

We all know that learning music is loads of fun. It provides you with a rewarding challenge that you can enjoy at any stage of your life. But did you know that music can also make you smarter? That’s right, learning music can actually help you to improve your focus and concentration, lower anxiety and more. In this blog, the Archadenia Music Academy team will be sharing some of the ways that learning music can make you smarter.

Music Improves Focus & Concentration

Learning music has been shown to improve focus, concentration and attention in both kids and adults. Playing an instrument requires a good amount of focus and concentration..= Learning an instrument helps us to train our focus and concentration skills, helping us to be better focused and more concentrated in other parts of life.

Learning Music Aids in Brain Development

Many studies all across the world have shown that learning music at an early age can aid in brain development. Kids who study and learn music are more likely to achieve higher scores in standardised tests as well as better grades in high school! Enrolling your child in music lessons is a great way to improve their cognitive skills and abilities in a fun, engaging and rewarding way.

Music Reduces Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress is known to limit our mental performance when completing tasks, so limiting feelings of anxiety and stress can go a long way to making us smarter. Playing an instrument significantly reduces stress, helping us to think more clearly. If you want to help reduce stress and anxiety and start thinking more clearly then it may be time to consider learning an instrument with the friendly music teachers at Archadenia Music Academy.

Learning Music Improves Memory Function

In many ways, the brain is a muscle. Just like how we go to the gym to improve our muscles, our brain needs training to grow and stay fast and healthy. Learning music is just like going to the gym for our brains. Learning and playing an instrument is unique as it involves both sides of the brain. This activity helps us to significantly improve our memory skills, keeping our brains sharp and healthy.

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