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Events & Performances at Archadenia

Archadenia Music Academy provides a range of music lessons to students of all ages, including piano lessons, singing lessons, drum lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, trumpet lessons, saxophone lessons, violin lessons and viola lessons. We also host a range of events and performances, providing our students with an opportunity to showcase their musical talents and hone their performance skills. In this latest blog we will be taking a closer look at some of the different events and performances we have at Archadenia Music Academy.

Mini Concerts

At least twice a year, Archadenia Music Academy hosts mini concerts to encourage beginner students to experience performance in a welcoming environment. With a maximum of 10 students, our mini concerts are a great space for a student’s first experience with performing on stage. They will also be inspired by performances from other students. Our mini concerts are free and a great experience for both parents and students to mingle and get to know other people in our local community.

End of Year Concert

Archadenia Music Academy has an annual end of year concert in late November/early December. Our annual concert has grown rapidly in recent years and is now split into at least 2 sessions. The annual concert features more than 50 students performing, along with award ceremonies, special performances from our talented teachers as well as a celebration over a nice afternoon tea spread with most of Archadenia Music Academy's students.

Workshops & Masterclasses

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Archadenia Music Academy has organised a number of masterclasses and workshops for our students via Zoom. We were amazed with the response from our students. Our past workshops were included 'How to Improvise for Beginners' and 'Composition Masterclass'. We will continue to have school holiday workshops and masterclasses throughout summer and winter school holidays. Our workshops help to expose students to music and we will also open masterclasses for students who are wanting to enrol and ace their AMEB exams and HSC.

Jam Sessions

At least once a year we host a jam session for students who want to play what they have been learning and connecting with other musicians around the North Shore area. Jam sessions are for everyone, not just for our students at Archadenia Music Academy. This is a great opportunity for students to bring their peers and connect with other musicians.

Adult Students' Concert

Our adult students at Archadenia Music Academy have been growing fast this year. As a result of this, we are planning a concert night for our adult students to share their love of music. This concert will be 18+ and it will be included food and good music. It will be a great opportunity for our adult music students to get connected with their fellow music lovers and musicians around the North Shore area of NSW.

Markets and Nursing Homes

Over the past 5 years, Archadenia students have been so lucky to be invited to perform at various events by our local community. We continue have our good relationship with our local council as well as nursing homes nearby. Some of our past performances including playing at Royal North Shore Hospital, Emerge Festival in Chatswood, Mowbray Road Gardens Nursing Home, The Lordes in Killara, and many more. We are excited to continue bringing fun and love in our local community.

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