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Why You Should Join Our Adult Music Programs

There is no age limit to learning music and having fun with your instrument. Our adult music lesson programs at Archadenia Music Academy welcome students from 18 and above of all different music levels. Whether you are a beginner or a practicing musician, Archadenia Music Academy has the perfect music program for you and your chosen instrument. In this article we will be sharing a little about our adult music programs why you should join one. Let’s get started. 

Our Music Programs Are For All Ages & Abilities 

Arachadenia Music Academy believe that music education is a gift that we all should have access to enjoy. That is why we offer our adult music lesson programs to all ages and musical abilities. It doesn’t matter if you have never picked up an instrument before or if you are a practicing musician, our adult music lesson programs will help you to develop your skills and boost your confidence with your instrument, along with learning musical theoretical knowledge. Our adult music lesson programs are perfect for anyone looking to learn or improve their musical skills, whether it be to perform or simply to enjoy music. 

We Offer A Variety Of Instruments 

At Archadenia Music Academy we offer a variety of instruments to choose from for our adult music lessons in Chatswood and North Shore. Our available music lessons include trumpet lessons, saxophone lessons, violin lessons, viola lessons, bass lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, singing lessons and piano lessons. 

We Provide Performance Opportunities 

Although musical performance may not be for everyone, we understand that some students may want to further enhance their confidence in their musical practice. To encourage this, we offer performance opportunities to students in our adult music lesson programs as well as invitations to our adult choir classes and adult jazz bands. With Archadenia Music Academy, you will have the opportunity to hone your musical craft through performance. 

We also have a special concert for our adult students and teachers involving live music performances and dinner. It is a great event and an opportunity for our adult students to get to know people within the Archadenia and the North Shore local community. 

What Can You Expect From Our Adult Music Programs? 

In choosing to join our adult music lesson programs at Archadenia Music Academy you can expert to learn and achieve: 

- Performing confidence 

- Knowledge of all levels of musical theory 

- Expansion of your musical and creative vocabulary 

- Healthy and correct technique and maintenance 

- An extended list of repertoire in a variety of music genres 

Learn Music With Archadenia Music Academy

You are never too old to learn music and enjoy the many benefits music has to offer. Learning music with Archadenia Music Academy and our adult music lesson programs is fun, engaging and rewarding. From beginners to experts, we can help you to take your musical ability and knowledge to the next level. Would you like to get started and join one of our adult music programs in Chatswood or North Shore? Click here to find out more about our adult music classes. You can also call 0425 458 811 or email to get in touch with a member of the friendly team at Archadenia Music Academy. We look forward to hearing from you.