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Angel began learning classical piano at the age of seven under Japanese Suzuki Method. Under the guidance of piano teacher, Junia Matura, Angel began to nurture her craft and love of music throughout her adolescent years performing for recitals and venues throughout the heart of Sydney.

Besides her love of playing the piano, Angel was classically trained under the instruction of Arnela Lumbang-Regaliza, former trainer of the Ryan Cayabyab Music School of the Philippines. To further cement her vocal studies, Angel majored in Vocals with partial scholarship for her Bachelor Degree in Music - Contemporary Performance at the Sydney Campus of the Australian Institute of Music. As a result, Angel can be found in venues throughout Sydney performing live-music for private, public or corporate settings at night or on weekends.

Angel has recently finished her Masters of Music in Composition and Music Production at the Australian Institute of Music under the advise of Dr. Mark Oliveiro, Dr. Gary Holgate and Dr. Tim Willis - focusing on research in phenomenology and vocal technique, as well as contemporary harmony particularly found in fusions of r'n'b and jazz music. In addition to this, Angel has been able to develop a folio of music for chamber quartets, computer music and fusion jazz. Through this, Angel has been able to hone the craft of composition and performance whilst simultaneously developing her musicality.

Alongside performing as a live performer and composer, Angel has a passion for teaching people of all ages about music. Concurrent with her position at Archadenia Music Academy, Angel currently teaches as a short course lecturer in Vocal Technique and Composition (majoring in Computer, Film and Chamber Music) at her alma mater, the Australian Institute of Music, and her own music studio in Western Sydney. As a third-generation teacher, she believes that music is a fundamental part of both society and a human’s everyday life. Angel believes that her strength of knowing different genres of music will guide students to find their passion in a particular genre that they like and can develop their calibre as a musician into.

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Learning Music Is For Everyone

"Teaching music to others means that we get to build and be part of the future music scene, no matter where you’re from, old or young you are." -Angel-