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Rey is a pianist based in Sydney, Australia, who is currently taking a master of music performance degree in classical piano at Australian Institute of Music. Rey has been teaching for over 5 years and has completed his bachelor's degree in music as well as has taken and passed the ABRSM classical piano exams.  He is passionate about his craft in playing the piano, and loves his contemporary-classical style of music. He has been performing both as a soloist and as a group in Indonesia and in Sydney, Australia. Rey has been learning his craft in music under some international names, such as Levi Gunardi, Vatche Jambazian, and Dr.Brieley Cutting.

Besides his career in teaching piano, Rey also experienced in teaching a few other instruments such as teaching choirs, guitars, and singing. He wishes to continue to help students who are passionate and willing to learn music for both leisure and mastery. He likes to keep his lessons fun and engaging without having to forget to achieve students' goals and targets in learning their craft.


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"To create life through music and art" -Rey-