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With experience more than 10 years, Sydney based drummer, Sheren, has been learning from well-known musicians drummers around New South Wales such as Nic Cecire, Chris Fields, and DavePlenty. Sheren got her music degree at The Australian Institute of Music in Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Drums). Sheren has been performing around Sydney with different genre of bands,  such as Jazz, Fusion, Gospel, Funk, RnB,Pop, Rock; for live performances and recording sessions. Sheren has performed at different major events in Sydney, such as Vivid Sydney and Channel 7 Sunrise TV program.

Beside her passion in playing drums and percussion, Sheren also has many experiences teaching and guiding students to play piano. Sheren is a passionate session musician who also loves to share her knowledge and experience to her students, and preparing them to become the next bright generation of musicians, but most importantly in a fun way!


Learning Music Is For Everyone

"You can gain more things from learning music as music can connect you to anything in your daily life." -Sheren-